Digital Currency and Bitcoin Businesses Need Fugate Business Solutions for their Accounting Needs

Bitcoin and Digital Currency

Digital currency is the future of business, yet there are only a limited number of accounting firms that have the specialized knowledge needed to ensure that your business adheres to all current regulations and compliance issues. As the business continues to evolve, you need high levels of confidence in the management and analysis capabilities provided by your accounting professionals. Fugate Business Solutions has the expertise you need in this ever-changing market. 

Every business needs to know that its accounting team is on top of its game, but it is critically important in digital currency services. Fugate Business Solutions provides cutting edge accounting, reporting and tax compliance services to companies in the United States and around the world. Our guidance has proven invaluable toward their ability to emerge as innovators in their field, allowing both entrepreneurs and enterprise businesses to flourish. 

One of the most challenging aspects of the digital currency industry is that accounting regulations are continuously being developed and revised as new needs emerge. At Fugate Business Solutions, we are at the forefront of these developments and in constant conversation with both the SEC and the industry leaders responsible for putting new policies and procedures in place. We are constantly tracking guidelines and requirements to ensure that our clients have the most up-to-date information guiding their recordkeeping, disclosures and transaction practices. 

Those seeking accounting expertise for blockchain, distributed ledger and digital currency businesses can place their trust in our understanding and technical knowledge, including our familiarity with most cryptocurrencies, such as

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • Ethereum Classic

  • Ripple

  • Zcash

  • Monero

  • Dash

  • Litecoin

Our dedicated professional team has a comprehensive knowledge of the many compliance requirements involved in these evolving technologies and markets. We understand that the unique complexities and challenges of this ever-changing business require a timely response to your concerns, so we prioritize frequent communication, flexibility and personalized attention. What differentiates us from other firms is not just our knowledge but our focus on providing proactive guidance and quick resolutions to all issues as they arise.

Audit and Accounting Services

  • Accounting and reporting services for companies with investments in fin-tech companies, early-stage distributed ledgers and digital currency.

  • Accounting solutions that are industry-specific, including valuation of digital currencies, proof of ownership of digital currencies and more.

  • Auditing and assurance for both private and public companies.

  • Offering support for SEC filings. 

  • Supplying transactional support for alternative public offerings, initial public offerings and private investments in public equity.


  • Ensuring compliance with local, state and federal tax regulations.

  • Ensuring compliance with international tax regulations.

  • Providing assistance and preparation of all tax forms and documentation.


  • Assessing and ensuring SOC 1 and SOC 2 report “readiness.” 

  • Assessing and ensuring SOX 404(a) and 404(b) ICFR “readiness.” 

  • Supplying the assessment of internal controls. 

  • Offering assessments regarding anti-bribery and corruption (e.g., FCPA, BSA/AML, ISO 37001).

  • Supplying cyber-security awareness audits and IT audits, as well as security assessments.

  • Managing productivity, process and reporting (e.g., tax preparation, workflow, performance dashboards, etc.) improvement and performance.

  • Gearing internal audits toward outsourcing, transformation, co-sourcing and optimization.

  • Adhering to legal and regulatory compliance for regulations, including FCPA, Investment Advisers Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act and more.

  • Reviewing accounting policies and procedures.

  • Offering risk-management services, enterprise valuations and at-risk assessments. 

  • Supplying systems implementation, documentation and project management.

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